1996 Champagne Horizontal

Hailed as one of the great vintages of the 20th century, the 1996 is simultaneously lively and intense, with a creamy texture and a concentration of fruit. Notes of brioche and limestone or slate-like minerality are common, while a fresh zing of lemon, pomelo and grapefruit imparts a touch of youthfulness.

LP Nov-Dec 15 '96 Horizontal

Food pairing (Tarte Tatin)

Caramel, crisp apples and flaky, buttery pastry are the operative flavors in a classic tarte tatin. Fortunately, this is an easy pairing with the honey and spice aromas of noble sweet wines. The ultimate companion to this dish would be a Sauternes with a bit of age

LP Jul-Aug 15 Pairing - Tarte Tatin

The Joys of Aging

To buy, hold and drink wine is one of life’s visceral joys, says CHARLES CURTIS. Just be sure you are attuned to the finest details.  The notion of squirreling away cases of wine to gather dust seems at odds with the hedonistic enjoyment it can provide

LP Jul-Aug 15 Joys of Aging